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The Film

Daniel is an Aramaean. His parents com from the Southeast of Turkey. When his grandmother visits her homeland for the first time after thirty years, he decides to come along. He wants to discover where he comes from and why the Aramaeans flew. In her village the grandmother tells him about the repression, the starvation and the fear the Aramaeans had to suffer between Turks and Kurds. Eventually the past becomes presence: The villagers hear gunshots. There is a skirmish between the turkish military and kurdish freedom fighters near the village. Daniel and his Grandmother have to escape.

Nura Yanik

German edit: 2009
Dutch edit: 2009
English edit: 2012
39 min | colour | 16:9 | HD

Produced by Daniel Yanik and Simon Schulz

Sponsored by:

Fundatio Nisibinensis

Faculty of media production at Hochschule OWL

Booster Club of the Hochschule OWL

Andreas Kiel at Spherico

Tom Kentner

Translated to english and dutch by Benjamin Yanik

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